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Wherever you will go in Holland there is always a museum nearby. Ranging from museums with artwork of the greatest painters ever lived to small fancy museums with an unexpected collection; Holland has it all!

Museums City Distance
Pallace Het Loo Apeldoorn 33 kms
Kröller Müller Museum
Hoenderloo 41 kms
Railway museum Utrecht 56 kms
Catharijneconvent Utrecht 56 kms
Africa museum Berg en Dal 63 kms
Jewish historical museum Amsterdam 78 kms
Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam 78 kms
Maritime museum Amsterdam 78 kms
Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam 78 kms
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 78 kms
Amsterdam historical museum Amsterdam 78 kms
Tropen museum Amsterdam 78 kms
Anne Frank museum Amsterdam 78 kms
Van Gogh museum Amsterdam 78 kms
Dutch resistance museum Amsterdam 78 kms
Open Air Museum Arnhem 80 kms
Frans Hals Museum Haarlem 97 kms
National Liberation Museum Groesbeek 109 kms
Maritime Museum Rotterdam 115 kms
Aboriginal museum Rotterdam 115 kms
World museum Rotterdam 115 kms
Kunsthal Rotterdam 115 kms
The Gevangenpoort Den Haag 117 kms
Maurtishuis Den Haag 117 kms
Museum Prinsenhof Delft 121 kms
The Spanish gouvrenment Maastricht 234 kms
Bonnefanten museum Maastricht 234 kms

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